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welcome to shelby lynne + vin

My first blog post – eek! You have probably stumbled your way onto this page because you know me personally, or have been pressured by a colleague and/or friend – ahem, thanks mom – but regardless, I am beyond excited that you have read at least this much before losing interest. Yes, I am starting a blog! Cue the dramatic music. My goal is that blogging will help document and compliment my etsy shop and wedding wire account with which I have recently decided to spend more energy and time on. And who knows? Maybe this blog will provide you with some entertainment, knowledge about freelance graphic design, convince you to work with me on your next project, or at the very least show you some cute photos of my pup, Vinnie.

If you do not know me personally, or if you have not been recently overwhelmed with text messages from me the last few days, please feel free to check out my about page. I am so excited to get started and share with you the details of some current projects I am working on and the awesome people I am working with! If there is anything you would love to see me post about, or hey maybe even just introduce yourself, please feel free to do so in the comments below.


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