Month: July 2016

adventure is out there

Surprise! Vinnie and I have a new roommate. Over the past few weeks we have packed my entire apartment up – including every single one of Vinnie’s toys – and moved into a new apartment. We have officially added a third person to our household and Vinnie is quite delighted to have his second favorite human around to dote on him full time. We are almost completely unpacked and just about to hand the keys to my old apartment of three years back, so I apologize for my absence these past few weeks! Needless to say, this is an extremely exciting time for us and I cannot wait for this new adventure. One of the best parts about this new apartment is that I will now have a studio – of sorts. And with this new space, I have already caught the inspiration bug. Over the next few weeks I will start introducing some more work that will go into my shop, along with a few new items and projects that are non-invitation based.