Month: August 2016

baby showers: to go off registry or not?

This weekend I celebrated the upcoming arrival of one my favorite couple’s baby. After assisting with the invitations, it was so wonderful to see the party come together. They chose to do more of a barbeque of sorts – thus including men – so everyone was able to enjoy themselves and show their excitement and support for the couple in a very casual and relaxing setting.

I have talked before about accepting your specific narrative and pace in life – which you can read again here – but one aspect I did not mention is that you have an opportunity to learn a number of tips and tricks from waiting a little longer than your friends and family to hit these major milestones. Observing those close to you go through these experiences can give you a number of lessons to put in your back pocket until it’s your turn. Not to mention, you quickly become a bit of an expert at how to be the perfect guest at showers and weddings.