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Ah the first day of school… Totally not going to lie, I found myself combing through the dozen photos and posts of my facebook friends sending their children off to their first day of Kindergarten yesterday. I know, I know, I don’t want children right this second (take a deep breath, mom), but I couldn’t help but feel the constant little tug on my heart, wishing that I could have partaken in the same emotions that many of my friends experienced yesterday as parents. Maybe it was my socially constructed biological clock ticking, or maybe it was the typical bi-monthly fear of missing out (FOMO) garnered from stalking everyone’s highlight reel online, but whatever the reason, yesterday had me feeling sort of down.

Well I’m here to tell you that unfortunately these sorts of feelings never truly go away. They tend to creep back up every so often, but it is extremely important to remind yourself that you are where you are meant to be in life. Yes, while in your case you may be bummed because everyone –literally everyone – around you is getting engaged, or married, or landing that dream job, and you’re stuck at the first job you got out of college, in a one-bedroom apartment, eating leftovers for days – and I mean DAYS. The point is you will most likely find yourself yearning for something more and fear that you are behind everyone else at least a dozen or so times in your life.

And that’s okay.

It actually can be really good for you. The trick is to use all that energy and emotion towards something productive. Here’s what I am talking about:

This holiday weekend I did a complete re-haul of shelby lynne + vin (as you may have already noticed). I re-branded my website and Etsy shop, added a few more listings, joined Instagram (that I will post more frequently on so help me God), and I even re-constructed my Pinterest to be relevant to my readers – sorry to all of my friends who followed my amazing style and recipe boards! I did all of this because after some careful research and even a few online courses, I decided that I am going to take my dream more seriously. And here’s my little tiny secret. My dream of working from home and creating work I love came – partly – from the FOMO. I would see all these amazing #girlbosses doing these incredible things and I wanted to be a part of it. I knew I could be a part of it. So I decided to channel all of that self-doubt and fear into a productive energy to get sh*t done. And here I am, feeling confident and awesome.

I know your friend may be getting married before you, or even having kids (yes, kids – plural), or working that dream job you wish you had, but this is the perfect time for you to focus on what you truly want and go out and do it.

You are an amazing person that deserves to treat yourself and be happy. Don’t let someone’s highlight reel make you feel like you are doing something wrong or that you are somehow inadequate.

Everyone has bad days and everyone gets scared that they are missing out. But let me tell you, your friends who are going through all of these major life decisions and “living the life” are more likely than not terrified that they are missing out because of your own highlight reel – you’re just too blind to see it right now.

Now beautiful girl, go out there and rock it.


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