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let’s ring in the new year.

There’s something about the anticipation of a new year that makes me really contemplate how I use my time. I am sure that this feeling is pretty common among most of us, but I still feel a little melancholy thinking of how the past year went and how everything has changed over the past 12 months. Could I have made better use of 2017 to save more money, eat out less, and waste less time stalking random people on Facebook? Probably. Should I have forgiven myself sooner for past mistakes and taken better care of my body? Definitely.

But here’s the thing: shoulda, woulda, coulda. It’s easy to dwell on the negative aspects of 2017 – and honestly, I feel like there were a lot of them – but this is the perfect excuse to make 2018 a better year. If there is one thing I learned from 2017 it is that life isn’t always fair, but you are responsible for making your own life (and those in it) positive.

So here’s to less negativity, surrounding ourselves with loved ones and spreading good karma! I hope you have the most happiest of years filled with confidence, love, and kindness.


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