As a seasoned twenty-something, I have been planning bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and baby showers for a number of wonderful ladies over a number of years. At the beginning, I quickly found myself obsessive with details and beyond frustrated with the lack of options out there. My lovely ladies were not all the same! They did not all want a hot pink and black bachelorette party and we, the wonderful MOHs and Bridesmaids, simply did not have the cash to pay for something more in-line with our bestie’s classy, elegant taste.

So I decided to create everything myself. And let me tell you – although I am sure you already know – more time spent on pinterest only leads to even more late nights staying up perfecting projects. I know how difficult and time-consuming these moments can be. You really don’t want to throw the same old bachelorette party filled with hot pink accents or play the same old bridal shower games over and over again. Let’s honor your best friend and make her feel special and unique, together!

I’m your one stop shop for all things bachelorette, bridal, and whatever other twenty-something event you were asked to plan and, ultimately, host. Not only do I sell products that I know you will love, but I have learned my fair share of life lessons that can be so valuable to you young BFFs out there trying to make your bestie the happiest they can on their big day.

You got this!



shelby lynne + vin is the creative endeavor of Shelby Lynne and her rescue pup, Vin, specializing in stationery, custom invitations, and pretty gifts. shelby lynne + vin offers handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, personalized products for whatever major milestone you reach.

Shelby Lynne – is a 20-something who refuses to grow up, binges on candy, and believes in happily ever afters. She loves all things Disney and loves to go on adventures, whether across the ocean or in her backyard.

Vincent Van Gogh – who much prefers to go by Vinnie or Vin for short – spends his days enjoying the scenery from his window, basking in scratches and pets, and ripping apart every toy his hooman buys him. He is a notorious bed hog and loves every person he meets. He found his forever home in 2013 and is positive that his hooman can offer any tips or advice, should you be looking to rescue a similar pup to him!