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give a little bit

I love to volunteer. I think there is no feeling quite like knowing that you are making an actual difference in the world and impacting someone else’s life. Having a mother and father who drilled the importance of giving back to the community into me at a young age, has led me to a number of opportunities that I know I will truly cherish for years. It was one of the main reasons I chose the college I did and one of the first areas that I dove into when I moved to my current city.

But okay, pause. Right now you may be thinking, “Cool. I volunteer all the time too, this is, like, soo relatable!” Or what you are more likely saying to yourself is, “Good for you Shelby, but I didn’t come to your blog to hear you brag about how awesome and charitable you are when I have absolutely no time to find a soup kitchen – geesh.” Well, fear not! I am not writing a post that puts you on a major guilt trip or makes you question your self-worth. Instead, I would like to share with you my latest volunteer work that, gasp, is something I did from home! Easy, right?

Recently, thanks to my awesome sister-in-law, I have been helping Wayland Main Street with creating a number of marketing materials for an upcoming event they are hosting. The group was gracious enough to give me full control in regards to the design and I think we came up with something that we all loved. Included in the package were: posters, table cards, gift bag flyers, maps with a full schedule of events, and a large formatted sponsorship appreciation board. This was a really fun project that continued to make me feel good after I sent in my work. Knowing that I was helping a group that may not have been able to access a graphic designer before is one of the best feelings I could have. And here’s the thing: this is technically volunteer work!